About the SPP

The Seattle-ish Pen Posse was “founded” sometime around 2016. We’re not really sure, because it was a very informal meetup at first. Our first several meetings were just four folks, most of who are still regular attendees of the SPP. We met at a Starbucks in Issaquah once a month(ish) and just played with pens.

I didn’t take long, however, for the group to start to balloon. If we’ve learned anything over the last several years, it’s that the Seattle area has a lot of pen people. Before long, the community table at Starbucks stopped being large enough to support the number of people who would show up each month.

For a while, the group would migrate to different locations around the greater Seattle area. We tried alternating between venues up north (in Bothell) or down south (in Renton/Federal Way), interspersing some of our meetups in a more central location like Bellevue. We also dabbled around with switching days and weeks of the month trying to accommodate the largest number of people.

This flexible, migratory past helps explain a bit of the SPP’s group dynamic. We’re not a formal club, with formal organization, charter, etc. We like to keep our gatherings casual, informal, and loose. There’s rarely a topic, and even in those few cases when there is, we don’t limit ourselves to only that topic. Only recently, as the group has continued to expan, we’ve had to settle on a semi-permanent location and regular date and time for our meetings.

These days, we generally meet the second Saturday of each month, from noon until 2PM. Every so often, we’ll take field trips to other locations or cancel a month’s meeting to allow people to attend other pen-related events. And, in this area, we’re fortunate to have another well-organized Seattle Pen Club that meets twice a month of the first and third Saturdays in the northern part of the city.

So, who can come?

Yes. Pretty much anyone can come. There are no membership dues or admittance requirements. You just have to be a person who likes pens, ink, and paper. As a group, we lean quite heavily toward fountain pens, both modern and vintage. And this is a great group to join when you want to try out new types of pens before buying or learn more about them. Plus, pretty much everyone that attends is awesome, so it’s a great way to meet other folks who like to nerd out about stationery.

The best way to find out about our meetings is to visit us here at Seattleish.ink or check out the links in the menu above. You can see all of our upcoming meetings on our Google Calendar, or you can join our community on Slack. (Again, see the links above.)

We generally ask members to RSVP if they’re planning to attend so we know a rough number for restaurant reservations. You can RSVP here on the website or in Slack.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.